Tech support for businesses that don’t have an IT guy on their team

Are you looking for a dependable IT partner you can count on when something breaks? Someone who can accommodate technology solutions to your business nuances? 

At Todd Tech services we  specialize with businesses of between 2 and 50 employees. We learn about what devices and software you are currently using and support you with any technical needs you may have. We adapt to every one’s level and offer customized recommendations for how to stay current tomorrow. 

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Technology is here to make your life easier. Let us fix it for you.

Industry expertise

With 20+ years of experience, we have collaborated with businesses across various sectors, enabling us to understand and cater to your industry-specific IT needs.

Scalable solutions

IT should grow with your business. Our flexible solutions adapt to your changing business requirements to ensure seamless tech support at every stage.

Customized services

Whether you have a new employee and need recommendations for a new computer or want to improve your wifi coverage at the office we will design a solution tailored specially for you. 

General – On call Commercial IT Services

Computer setup and support, Windows and Mac

Are your files unorganized across various flash drives and portable hard drives? Are you unsure if your important business data is securely backed-up should a computer or drive randomly fail?


We can come to your office for an onsite technology assessment, and figure out which computers are ready for the next 5 years, and which machines should be updated.


We can assess if computers can be upgraded with something like a solid-state-drive to speed it up, or if a full replacement is recommended.


We will make unbiased recommendations for computers and other devices in your office, procure them for you, set them up, restore your data and applications, and train you on how to use them.


We will also chat about which applications you use on your Windows and Mac devices, and will answer any questions you may have about how to use them, and provide training to your employees on any software application that you utilize.

Antivirus / Security

Protect all company data and files against viruses, malware, phishing attacks, adware, ransomware, and others.


Todd Tech Services can provide a cloud managed security console to secure every device under a single company wide policy. Real time alerts sound each time there is a security related event so that it can be immediately taken care of.

A properly managed antivirus and security service is like installing a deadbolt on your door and locking it. Don’t wait for your systems to be hacked and your sensitive data to be stolen before you protect yourself.

Remote Administration

There are times when remote administration makes more sense than having someone come to your office. We can securely connect to any device in your business and assist with any IT related task like installing or troubleshooting Windows or Mac software, solving email challenges, or safely running computer updates.


With this option, you can stay ahead of your technology challenges because a highly experienced technician is only a call, text or email way. We can often offer same-day assistance for any time-sensitive matters. 

Onsite Services

While much of the world has gone remote, sometimes there is no better alternative than in-person, onsite support right at your office location. Todd Tech will come to you, and meet you where you are, literally and figuratively. We will assess your tech challenge in person, solve any problems you may be facing now, and make recommendations for how to better use technology to support your business in the future and let it grow as fast as possible.

Cloud Application Setup and Support

Cloud-based administration is great for you. It means you have access to industry specific applications for your healthcare, legal, higher education, or any other industry available at your fingertips, without needing to purchase expensive servers and highly technical applications like computer databases. [read more]

We can also help you migrate from older on-premise server based applications over to the cloud. We will review your use-case and make a recommendation for a cloud-based offering, and will set everything up for you. We will troubleshoot your issues either onsite in your office, or remotely, and will train you and your employees about how to effectively utilize them.

Microsoft 365 Administration

One of the best ways to run your growing business is to utilize the Microsoft 365 cloud. Microsoft provides fantastic solutions to supercharge your growing business, such as e-mail with hosted Microsoft Exchange and Outlook and Microsoft Teams collaboration and video calling. [read more]


We remove the complexity with setting up, configuring, maintaining and using all of these solutions from Microsoft. We can provision users, make sure your email is secure and working perfectly, setup users with Microsoft Office applications and OneDrive cloud storage, and make it all seem easy.

Google Workspace

While Microsoft has been offering their office software for ages, Google is the newer player to the game. They are also an excellent option. Signing up for Google Workspace will enable all of your users to easily collaborate and share documents across the Google Drive cloud. It all includes Google Meet for easy online meetings with your customers and staff. 

Email Setup and Support

Microsoft is one of the oldest games in the business with regards to email, and it shows because Email with Microsoft just works. Whereas in the past you would need to run your own Exchange service on a server in your office, now it’s all on the cloud and it’s easier than ever to use. [read more]

All Todd Tech Services needs is a list of users and desired email addresses, and we will handle the rest. We will enable the service, setup all of the accounts, test everything, and make sure every user is comfortable using it. Emails can be accessed either via a web browser like Edge or Chrome in Microsoft’s 365 Cloud environment, or via the Microsoft Outlook tool that can be downloaded to the computer.


Google Workspace email


If you have ever used Gmail, then you’re ready to handle Google Workspace. It uses Google’s business software behind the scenes, but your email interface will be the familiar Gmail screen that you know and love. For customers who preview Gmail to a tool like Microsoft Outlook, this would be our top recommendation for a modern, easy to use email service that gives you plenty of space for your email messages.

Security Cameras

Keeping watch on your business has never been easier. Todd Tech will come onsite, install security cameras in all of the right places, and will enable a console for you to easily watch the video feeds live or via recordings. We recommend an active subscription to a video offering like Google where you will have a minimum of 30 days of video stored securely in the cloud.

Tech problems are an annoying surprise and some of them can really slow your business down.  Partner with us to minimize setbacks.

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“They helped us set up a new fast and stable WIFI, protected all of our computers with cloud antivirus management, and helped us with a tricky server migration among other things such as setting up new computers for us. They are always reliable and friendly, and we highly recommend them if you need IT support for your business.”

Rhonda Stitson, Office Manager

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“Todd helped me take care of a number of computer issues I NEVER could have resolved myself in a kind and efficient manner. Highly recommended!”

Amy Whilhelm, owner
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“Todd Tech has been a great help supporting my business’s IT needs both remote and onsite. They installed and trained me on password management which has made things easier and safer for us. They are knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy.”

Amy Catlin, President


We won’t charge you if we can’t offer you a solution. We only want happy customers.